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Business leaders to focus on adoption of new technologies not deployment

Large companies will all agree that in order to reduce the productivity gap, investment and adoption of new technologies is key. Even with this investment why are people still working in the old fashioned way?

As recently quoted by Sacha Romanovitch, Chief Executive for Grant Thornton UK “we define ourselves by working in boxes, like when you’re running factory shifts and you need to be physically there. We have still not broken out of the paradigm of the industrial era”.

Top talent are now bringing their own list of job requirements including increased flexibility, job mobility, and teleworking so having the technologies in place to support these is vital for companies wishing to grow their skills pool.

Technology will help attract, build and retain the next generation of business leaders. Exacerbated with the increased number of Baby Boomers retiring and Millennials entering the workforce, the latter of whom have grown up with the Internet; companies really need to embrace the latest technologies and market intelligence and failure to do this will in the long term lead to a talent management crisis.

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News posted: 17/09/2015 by Kelly Palmer Thomson

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