Personal Career Transition

Macallam's Personal Career Transition service helps you understand your strengths, skills, experiences and potential to find the right job for you.

Finding the right job at the right time in your career is often difficult. In today’s market where initial CV assessment is often delegated to HR or resourcers, it is important to make the right impression with senior decision makers. Macallam provides a powerful combination of Career mentoring and proactive access to Senior decision makers to help you get the right role.

Common problems are;

  • You may be in a “rut” in your current role and can’t see a way out
  • You don’t like the values or changes within your current business.
  • You’re in a “comfort zone” –  you lack the confidence to do something different
  • You’re in the process of leaving a business and it wasn’t your decision, maybe through redundancy, and you need support both practically and emotionally
  • You sense it’s time to move on and need help to map out your path
  • You’re being side lined or under valued
  • You need a “sounding board”

Personal Career Transition helps you to take personal ownership of your career, to proactively ensure that your professional working life meets your personal objectives.

For an informal, confidential chat to find out how Personal Career Transition can help you call the Macallam team on 01423 900804.

For a confidential discussion, please call us on 01423 900804.

Shaun Boylan - Senior Project Manager
of ISG

"Having made the decision to seek new opportunities following  16 years with my previous employer, the potentially difficult process of finding the right role with the right employer  was made to feel seamless with Macallam.

Their  in-depth knowledge of both the Business I ultimately joined, as well as the individuals who carried out the interview process made sure that I went in fully prepared for what lay ahead.

Regular communication pre and post interview, along with continued communication following a settling in period with my new employer has helped support the decision to develop my career in this new and exciting environment."