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The world is generating and using more renewable electricity than ever before mainly from sources like solar and wind. While these are imperative to a decarbonised future, they can’t generate power all the time, and this can cause gaps in electricity supply. One possible solution is storage. If we can store renewable electricity from intermittent sources when they are able to generate, it could then be utilised at times when they’re not. However, the problem is the technology capable of storing very large scale amounts of electricity doesn’t exist…yet. However the emerging storage technologies are destined to change such sectors as aviation and transport;

EasyJet is backing plans to develop commercial passenger aircraft powered by electric batteries instead of conventional aero engines. The airline wants the proposed planes to fly passengers on its short-haul routes, possibly within 10-20 years. The prototype is going to be developed by a new US firm called Wright Electric, which has already built a two-seat battery-powered plane. The new, larger plane would have a range of 335 miles, take 200+ people and able to cover popular routes such as London to Paris, Brussels, Amsterdam, Cologne, Glasgow and Edinburgh.

Carolyn McCall, the chief executive of EasyJet, said "Just as we have seen with the automotive industry, the aviation industry will be looking to electric technology to reduce our impact on the environment."

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