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The importance of becoming a “Destination Employer”

After the traditionally quieter summer months of recruitment things are now starting to pick up and gather pace. The job market and recruitment is constantly developing but are these changes being truly understood and effectively adapted to?

At Macallam, we continually challenge the recruitment landscape to keep pace with talent acquisition and understand the importance of building a "talent pool" ahead of client needs. Often the people in the job market who are actively looking are not the best or most suitable people for your vacancy. Statistics show that whilst 95% of candidates are employed 75% will always be receptive to attractive and professional propositions, so our focus is about building strong relationships and having a pre-vetted network of executives available to call upon for future hires.

Candidates are not just looking for just any new opportunity - they want the right one and Macallam assists employers in creating a positive company culture and brand identity to attract and retain top talent. Providing a winning candidate experience through positive employee engagement programmes and “selling” the clients business to the candidate can make the difference for a successful outcome and is often overlooked in the direct hiring process.

With talent shortages ever prevailing; more and more clients understand the importance of creating a positive company culture and brand identity in order to achieve “Destination Employer” status. After all business is about people and it is the only the right talent that will help drive your business forwards.

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News posted: 10/08/2015 by Kelly Palmer Thomson

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